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Art News

CSULB Art Alum Michael Nannery final harvest at Grand Central Art Center

Posted on May 3, 2018 by School of Art

TheFountainSystemSince July 2017, CSULB Art Alumni Michael Nannery has transformed and tended to an aquaponic garden entitled The Fountain inside Grand Central Art Center.  Over the past year, Mr. Nannery has  helped the plants and animals living in the system to flourish. Furthermore, he has hosted numerous interactive events and workshops in conjunction with the downtown Santa Ana art walk: from collaborative murals, vegetable stamping, to a salad bar, making herbal teas, even worm composting, and other iterations of the themes of regeneration and recirculation. There will be a closing reception this Saturday, May 5th, 7pm-10pm, where Mr. Nannery will make one final vegetable harvest and then dismantle the system.    This is a very special project – join the celebration!

CSULB Painting Professor Marie Thibeault in group show at Huntington Beach Art Center

Posted on April 27, 2018 by School of Art

marie_t_cover-1CSULB Painting Professor Marie Thibeault in group show at Huntington Beach Art Center entitled Color Vision.  The exhibition brings together scientifically and culturally engaging aspects of how we perceive and utilize color. Featuring a group of contemporary artists who use color not only as a medium, but as an element of their message. Presented in three dynamic groupings: The Architecture of Color, Color Theory, and The Practical Applications of Color.​ The exhibition will run from May 5, 2018 through June 16, 2018.

CSULB Ceramics Professor Tony Marsh in Los Angeles Times article

Posted on April 27, 2018 by School of Art

tonymarsh2CSULB Ceramics Professor Tony Marsh was in a Los Angeles Times article on the ceramics arts in Los Angeles.  As Prof. Marsh says in the article, “I’ve never seen this level of interest in clay in L.A. before…This fanning out into almost every gallery. That’s a new phenomenon and is changing the landscape seriously. That’s got me excited. That was unimaginable 10 years ago.” As Leah Ollman also writes, “Cal State Long Beach has become a leading incubator of talent in the field and this fall will inaugurate its Center for Contemporary Ceramics. The CCC formalizes the university’s long practice, spearheaded in the 1980s by Marsh, of inviting artists from across the globe to work experimentally alongside students in the extensive facilities on campus — ‘not to teach,’ he says, ‘but to model.’ Students can have an academic experience in the classroom, he says, but they also need the real-life experience that can come through assisting artists in residence, collaborating with them or simply observing them at work.” Keep up the great work Ceramics!

CSULB Metals and Jewelry lecturer Rachel Shimpock in exhibition and magazine article

Posted on April 10, 2018 by School of Art

Rachel ShimpockCSULB Metals and Jewelry Lecturer Rachel Shimpock will be in an Sculptural Jewelry exhibition entitled Hot Stuff at the Manhattan Beach Art Center opening on April 13, 2018 through May 17, 2018. “Rachel’s work is an exploration of formal elements that address the essence of the sensual encounter with comfort food. Rachel defines herself both as a metalsmith and a proud foodie. She is part of the gastronomic population that knows carrots are better; but would rather wear her cheeseburger and eat it too.” This exhibition also features two other female artists – Jill Gower and Jessica Calderwood, who also use alternate approaches to jewelry making.

Last year Ms. Shimpock won the Best in Show Award for Excellence for booth design at the 2017 American Craft Show in San Francisco, and from that experience Ms. Shimpock talks about Best Practices in Craft Shows in American Craft magazine. Congratulations Ms. Shimpock!

CSULB Photography Professor Todd Gray awarded 2018 Guggenheim Fellowship

Posted on April 5, 2018 by School of Art

Todd-Gray-Fine-Arts-2018_250x250The John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation has awarded CSULB Photography Professor Todd Gray as a 2018 Fellowship in Fine Arts. There were over 3000 applicants in the Foundation’s ninety-forth competition, and only 173 individuals received grants. Congratulations Prof. Gray!

CSULB Ceramics Professor Jay Kvapil in collection of Musée national de la céramique

Posted on April 2, 2018 by School of Art

20161024__L6A7035CSULB Ceramics Professor Jay Kvapil has just had three works purchased into the permanent collection of the Museé national de la céreamique (National Ceramic Museum of France,) in Sèvres, France. The pieces were from his second exhibition at Lefebvre et Fils in Paris from November 2017. Prof. Kvapil is also currently showing work at Galerie Dumonteil, in Shanghai, China. Congratulations!

CSULB Ceramics Professor Tony Marsh has a new exhibition at the Peters Projects of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Posted on March 28, 2018 by School of Art

Marsh+2CSULB Ceramics Professor Tony Marsh has a new exhibition at the Peters Projects of Santa Fe, New Mexico. The show is entitled American Jars and Crucibles and will be running from March 23, 2018 through May 25, 2018. The exhibition at Peters Projects will premiere the newest body of work by Marsh. For this exhibition, the main forms are cylindrical shapes with surfaces that include glazes, slips, englobes, raw powdered materials, mineral concoctions and occasionally refractory cement. Marsh puts these ingredients to use intuitively with no notes and may fire the work 5-8 times. The protrusions, short shelves with fossil-like offerings, take the work back to the internal earth and its own creations over centuries of time. The artist states “There are real and imagined allusions to the physical sciences, earth formation, geographic phenomenon, force, time and landscape in my work. Ceramics is a transformational art which is dynamic in every phase of the process and I fully embrace that phenomenon. I set up conditions wherein unexpected results occur that lead to discovery which stimulates curiosity and innovation.”

CSULB Alumni Rogelio Gutierrez in solo exhibition at Riverside Art Museum

Posted on February 2, 2018 by School of Art

rogelio gutierrezCSULB Printmaking Alumni Rogelio Gutierrez has a solo exhibition at the Riverside Art Museum. Entitled Una Noche Chicana: Novelas, Peliculas, Chocolate, y Avena, the show will run from January 20 to March 4, 2018. As a first-generation Mexican-American Chicano artist, Gutierrez addresses issues of identity, community, and family, questioning what it is to be a true “American.” Although this exhibition is heavily laced with Mexican/Chicano symbolism and imagery, like frijole (bean) pots, huaraches (Mexican sandals), and the Virgin de Guadalupe, Gutierrez’s work points to the similarities that people from this country share as they establish a place they call home. Una Noche Chicana combines video installation, lithographic prints, and stitched (costura) goods created by the artist’s mother, creating a sense of nostalgia around a much more innocent time, a time when sitting in the living room waiting for the telenovelas (Mexican soap operas) to start with a warm chocolate or avena (oatmeal drink) was a religion – when being with your family and sharing a moment of unity and love took center stage. Congratulations Rogelio!!!

CSULB Painting Professor Marie Thibeault in exhibition at Pasadena Museum of California Art

Posted on January 18, 2018 by School of Art

marie_t_coverCSULB Painting Professor Marie Thibeault is in a group exhibition entitled The Feminine Sublime at Pasadena Museum of California Art (also with other CSULB Art alums, friends and lecturers: Marion Estes, Yvette Gellis, Virginia Katz and Constance Mallinson.) “Historically, depictions of the sublime were reserved for men whose rationality and order were posed against nature, the imagination, or the female ‘other.’ The Feminine Sublime presents a counter-narrative that upends previous ideas of the sublime in painting with a unique feminist perspective.” The exhibition will run from January 21, 2018 through June 3, 2018, with opening day of the Museum on Sunday, January 21 from 12:00pm-5:00pm.

For the museum’s Second Saturday Spotlight, there will be a panel discussion with the artists on Saturday, February 10th, from 2-3:30pm. Curator and artist Constance Mallinson leads a discussion between The Feminine Sublime artists and art historian Karen Kleinfelder, Ph.D.. The panel will consider the historical and contemporary definitions of the sublime, addressing the traditional gender dichotomies within the context of environmental degradation.



CSULB Ceramics Professor Tony Marsh is chosen as a 2018 United States Artists Fellow

Posted on January 17, 2018 by School of Art

TonyMarsh-317x400CSULB Ceramics Professor Tony Marsh was chosen as a 2018 United States Artists Fellow. The Chicago-based foundation United States Artists has named the 45 artists and collectives across nine disciplines who are its 2018 fellows. The fellowship comes with an unrestricted $50,000 grant. “[The 2018 USA Fellows] produce some of the most moving, incisive, and powerful artistic work in this country, and it is our privilege to honor them,” Deana Haggag, the foundation’s president and CEO, said in a statement. “Collectively, they are a reminder of the beauty produced by hardworking artists on a daily basis, too much of which is often overlooked.” Congratulations Professor Marsh!