California State University, Long Beach
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School of Art Faculty

Full-Time Faculty

Ali, Susanna Professor — Metals and Jewelry (Program Head)

Anvari, Sam, Assistant Professor — Graphic Design

Atherton, Jeff Assistant Professor — Foundation

Brackens, Diedrick, Assistant Professor — Fiber (Program Head)

Brown, Kendall Professor — Art History

Byrom, Andrew Professor — Graphic Design

Crockett, Bryan Professor — Sculpture and 4D

Cummings, Tanya Professor — Graphic Design

Dove, Daniel, Professor — Drawing and Painting (Program Head)

Gatlin, Laurie Associate Professor — Art Education (Program Head), Art Education

Graham, Heather Assistant Professor — Art History

Grinnan, Katie , Assistant Professor — Sculpture and 4D

Holliday, Peter Professor — Art History

Hovind, Tor Professor — Graphic Design (Program Head)

Ji, Yu Professor — Drawing and Painting

Kleinfelder, Karen Professor — Art History (Director, School of Art)

Krumpak, Tom Professor — Drawing and Painting

Kvapil, Jay Professor — Ceramics

Marsh, Tony Professor — Ceramics (Program Head)

Michelon, Mark Professor — Illustration and Animation (Program Head)

Miles, Christopher Professor — Art History, Sculpture and 4D

Miller, Christopher, Assistant Professor — Ceramics, Foundation

Mintz, Aubry Professor — Animation (Program Head), Illustration and Animation

Miyoshi, Kimiko Professor — Printmaking (Program Head)

Paquette, Catha Professor — Art History (Program Head)

Park, Sunook Professor — Graphic Design

Proctor-Tiffany, Mariah Assistant Professor — Art History

Ransom, Brittany Assistant Professor — Sculpture and 4D (Program Head)

Reese, Rick, Assistant Professor — Illustration and Animation

Richesson, Robin Professor — Illustration and Animation

Riedel, Kyle Professor — Photography (Program Head)

Ruwedel, Mark Professor — Photography

Sexauer, Roxanne Professor — Printmaking

Shaked, Nizan Professor — Art History, Museum and Curatorial Studies (Program Head)

Shim, Beomsik Assistant Professor — Illustration and Animation

Siegel, Fran Professor — Drawing and Painting

Silveira, Carlos Professor — Art Education

Simms, Matthew Professor — Art History

Sittler Schrock, Rebecca, Professor — Photography (Graduate Advisor, Associate Director)

Stewart, Marian Associate Professor — Foundation (Program Head), Illustration and Animation

Stone, Craig Professor — General Art Studies, Public Art Practice

Taber, Ryan, Assistant Professor — Sculpture and 4D, Wood (Program Head)

Thibeault, Marie Professor — Drawing and Painting

Whitlow, Michael Professor — Graphic Design


Atherton, Anthony — Art History

Bersaglieri, Andrea — Drawing and Painting

Bever, Tony — Graphic Design

Bischoff, Brice — Photography

Brown, Robert — Printmaking (Printmaking Technician)

Bryan, Victoria — Art History

Burckle-Sullivan, Carrie — Fiber

Burns, Marka — Art Education

Cartozian, Arlene — Art Education

Case, Cole — Foundation

Chawla, Neena — Illustration and Animation

Chen, Jennifer — Printmaking

Ciborowski, Todd — Sculpture and 4D, Wood (Gallery Coordinator)

Cloutier, Khara — Graphic Design

Cochran Anderson, Jennifer — Art History

Collins, Martha — Illustration and Animation

Crone, Cameron — Photography

De, Mousumi — Art Education

Decker, Thomas — Illustration and Animation

Dowdalls, Jim — Illustration and Animation

Doyle, Dana — Art History, General Art Studies

Dwinell, Kimberly — Illustration and Animation

Emery, Wendy — Graphic Design

Familton, Kent — Foundation

Farah, Kirby — Art History

Finch, Jon — Illustration and Animation

Fitch, Alex — Graphic Design

Friedman, Julia — Art History

Frydenborg, Erik — Sculpture and 4D

Ghuloum, Rema — Drawing and Painting

Gill, Stephanie — Graphic Design

Gladstone, Frank — Graphic Design

Glenn, Angela — Graphic Design

Gray, Ja'Rie — Foundation

Grilli, Cynthia — Foundation

Hampton, Steven — Illustration and Animation

Hanes, Stephanie — Ceramics

Harris, Marcus — Illustration and Animation

Harrison, Adam — Foundation

Hosac, Carolin — Drawing and Painting

Jaynes, William — Illustration and Animation

Johns, Jeanette — Art Education

Jones, Catherine — Art Education

Juarez, Anabel — Ceramics

Kahn, Stanya — Sculpture and 4D

Kim, Soyeon — Illustration and Animation

Krakowski, Manny — Wood

Linquata, Diane — Ceramics

Linville, Tina — Fiber

Lopez, Rosalie — Graphic Design

Low, Sheree — Graphic Design

Matea, David — Graphic Design

McClure, Siobhan — Drawing and Painting, Foundation

Michelon, Cheryl — Foundation

Mikhailik, Yevgeniya — Illustration and Animation

Milner, Ryan — Illustration and Animation

Mosher, Chelsea — Photography

Musgrave, Gary — Illustration and Animation

Nacorda, Christian — Illustration and Animation

Nishigawara, Lesley — Ceramics

Norcliffe, Hilary — Foundation

O'Daniel, Alison — Photography

Ortega-Ford, Katherine — Wood

Osborn, Ron — Wood

Parker, Michael — Foundation, Sculpture and 4D

Peck, Everett — Illustration and Animation

Pincus, Robert — General Art Studies

Pomonis, Mary Anna — Art Education

Preiss, Elise — Metals and Jewelry

Quaye, Kaleeka Bond — Foundation

Rangel, Patricia — Metals and Jewelry

Richardson, Jerry — Metals and Jewelry

Robinson, Sue Ann — Fiber

Santucci, Walter — Fiber

Sew Hoy, Anna — Ceramics

Shimpock, Rachel — Metals and Jewelry

Sizonenko, Tatiana — Art History

Smith, Cuyler — Foundation

Stout, Erin — Art History

Sweetman, Jamie — Illustration and Animation

Tablason, Jamie — Illustration and Animation

Tedesco, Tava — Printmaking

Valenzuela, Brian — Illustration and Animation

Walkup, Geraldine — Art Education

Wallace, Kyle — Wood

West, Moira — Art History

Yang, Meeson — Foundation

Zucman, Glenn — Art History